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Now And Forever Lyrics

Artist: Carole King

Now and forever you are a part of me
And the memory cuts like a knife
Didn't we find the ecstasy
Didn't we share the daylight
When you walked into my life

Now and forever I'll remember
All the promises still unbroken
And think about all the words between us
That never needed to be spoken

We had a moment
Just one moment
That will last beyond the dream
Beyond the lifetime
We are the lucky ones
Some people never get to do
Oh we got to do
Now and forever I will always think of you

Didn't we come together
Didn't we live together
Didn't we cry together
Didn't we play together
Didn't we love together
And together we lit up our world

I miss the tears
I miss the laughter
I miss the day we met
And all that followed after
Sometimes I wish I could always be with you
The way we used to do
Now and forever I will always think of you
Now and forever I will always be with you


by Deb on 5/28/2008 9:45pm
When was Now and Forever sung by Caroel King first releast and what album
by Carol Connery on 6/18/2008 12:11pm
This is such a nice song for those who have lost a spouse who has passed away.
by Katherine Jean Henderson on 6/10/2009 9:44am
I had never really paid much attention to this song until my brother, Robert, passed away unexpectantly on May 26,2009. My daughter, Leilani, who was trying to console me put the movie A League Of Their Own in the DVD player and as I listened to the words...all I could do was think of him. For that reason it will be played at his Celebration of Life service later this summer when we scatter his ashes at Topsail Sound (North Carolina).
by Rich on 9/19/2009 9:10pm
I am a big Carole King and Carly Simon fan.. Piano man myself.. and I was watching A League of their Own the other night and it just really got to me and reminded me of a lost love but also reminded me that we are inpermanent and it is better to have at it at a moment , then never to have had it at all..and though it may sting, its so much easier to remember the good..I never though about the "passed".. aspect and that is something I will alwaysnow remember to think of after reading your comments.

I hoep anyone who has lost a love one finds joy and rememberance in this song.

by irene merola on 5/24/2010 5:48pm
i love carole king i love the song now and forever.

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