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U Didn't Care Lyrics

Artist: Canibus
Album: "C" True Hollywood Stories

You.. didn't, care about me
And now this is how it has to be
I was lost, but now I am free
I'm happy cuz I found a family

[Verse 1]
Whattup Em', it's ya biggest fan
It's not even necessary to introduce who I am
by now, cuz we're good friends
Remember the letter I wrote, before Atlanta on Up In Smoke
That's the day I was gonna cut ya throat
I guess my watch was broke -- cuz by the time I woke
I seen my watch was twelve hours late and I missed the show
But none the less I'm glad that I finally reached you
Ever since the accident I've been dying to speak to you
To tell you things have changed, and I'm a different man
A different level of understanding, I'm a different Stan
Things are a lot better, I promise I won't harrass you with any letters
Saying shit like "We should be together"
I may reach and start a group
The industry's full of homosexuals Slim, but I don't wanna fuck you
I got a new attitude, really, I ain't mad at you
I just wanted you to recognize I got talent too


[Verse 2]
When I say talented, I don't mean battle kid
I mean storytellin, kinda like how ya album is
I been attendin counselin and takin medicine
They did some tests on me at NIH in Maryland
They showed me techniques to help me pressure
whenever I remember that crazy night when I was being reckless
Drivin with a deathwish, on the bridge and I crashed into a Lexus
Right before I finished that last sentence
I was listenin to Xzibit's album "Restless"
The next thing I knew I was under water and breathless
I was unconscious for a second, literally dying to go to heaven
till some fellas came and pulled me from the wreckage
They started CPR, then they called the paramedics
In retrospect I probably shoulda used a gun to end it
By the time the car sunk
My pregnant girlfriend was still in the trunk
and I was still feelin kinda drunk
The ambulance came and they put me on the stretcher
Hooked me up to the IV and checked my blood pressure
One of them was so concerned that they wouldn't leave
He hopped in the back of the ambulance and rolled up some weed
My vision was blurry, I couldn't really see
I just remember his voice talking to me
In the emergency room, I needed surgery to get some glass removed
and fifty stitches for my wooze


[Verse 3]
After a couple months of therapy,
I figured I was as ready as I'd ever be - I wanted to be an emcee
He took me to shows wit him, he let me flow wit him
He let me write some rhymes and go on tour wit him
I really believed in him, I decided to team wit him
And now I'm overseas wit him, gettin cheese wit him
And I'm emceein wit him, I'm havin the best time of my life
And I'm writin the best rhymes of my life
He introduces me to people as his lyrical equal
Let me write a rhyme on his album and even produce a beat too
He ain't see-through, I can't see him frontin
He's not the type to call you, just because he needs somethin
That's what I like about him,
I wouldn't want to rock a mic without him
He's got kahunas and he's not a coward
Matta fact, I think he met you
It was the day you came to his video shoot with DJ, Jimmy's nephew
'Clef stepped to him and told him he should step to you
That you was ghost writin for L, but that wasn't true
You was lookin at him the same way I'm lookin at you
Why can't we be friends Em', I don't want nothin from you
You see there's a little bit of Stan in all of us
Tell me where you think all of these record sales sparred from
Talkin 'bout Britney and Christina Aguilera
Nsync too, have you ever looked in a mirror?
Your hair ain't really blonde, and ya eyes ain't blue
So never diss me, cuz when you diss me your dissin you..

See.. See what happens when you don't care



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