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Liberal Arts [feat. Jedi Mind Tricks] Lyrics

Artist: Canibus
Album: Mic Club: Curriculum

Once more, it has been done
That in order to save it
You would have to raise the specter again
I am going to tell them the truth
About their ministry of justice
But if we didn't though
It would surely be cause for war!

Ok its time to get started..
Don't want to but the forces forced me
When it can't category allegory
They translated it for me
U-M-L-O-U-T: Umlaut
That's the reason I bend vowels when I spew from the mouth
Spit threw and out the very grotesque few are best
Burn through vests
Since the university of Budapest
Sitting in a room with a windowless view
Concentrating; looking at you
Freeze frame frozen at the very moment
The wormhole opens
You know Canibus has spoken
The circumference of a third eye so vibrant
To me, Ezekiel's Wheel was just a spare tire
My epithelial genetic fiber was forged in the protoplasmic fires in a black geyser
The explosion can described as a white Iris
When the absolute began, I don't know where I was
I musta just been a piece of micro dust
That's why I the fuck love mics so much
My micro, macro robotic rap flow
The Magna Carta of the entire rap world
Mayflower 2002 Phase 1
Adapt to the press of gravity is laid on my lungs
The theory of communication called cannons
Dissertation with a makeover in camouflage makeup
Light waves bend to the wake of bust
Mics buckle with white knuckles, metacarpals crush
Acid reflux all over your face, you fuck
Grab heart with bare hands,
Squeeze and spray blood
You iller than me? Gimme a call:
Dear boss,
You mind if I share my thoughts?
Psychotherapy is expensive, can you share my costs?
In a cushioned room with leather doors
Handwriting experts take a look at the letters I draw
Excessive graftedness, there's no space between words
Excessive cross-outs: it must be my nerves
Rhymes that vaporize dis-ablize and destabilize
Pray to God, say Goodbye
Six minutes Vinnie Paz you're on
Lyrically this is the liberty of Liberal Arts

Canibus: Consume Creatine and Create
cAnibus: Anemometers analyze air intake
caNibus: The H.N.I.C that narrates
canIbus: Innate intelligent Interface
caniBus: Biogenetetic Behemoth obliterate
canibUs: Youth on fire, You both bleed
canibuS: Micnificentlly sound Mc
Liberal Arts with JMT

[Vinnie Paz, AKA Ikon the Verbal Hologram]
I'm the god of war,
the resurrector of the horror-core
The carnivore, destroying you wasn't hard at all
I started raw, so the haters could see what could happen
I was Allah while the pagans were speaking in Latin
I'm the origin of science and math
I'm the origin of everything you trying to grasp
Been dying to ask if Jedi Mind is the real
Well I'll let you inside my mind and you decide how it feel
I'm dying to kill
And bring to you apocalypse
I start a lot beef with lots of guns and lots of clips
Fuck the head, I'm aimin right for your esophagus
Hang you from a hook then drink the blood your body drips
I got the power of the lead a fucking shotty spits
And leave you weaker than the mafia that's Gotti-less
With Canibus: get deep like psychoanalysts
Vinne Paz the fucking Hand-to-Fist-Philanthropist

What? Its fucking Vinnie Paz daddy
Yeah Jedi Mind baby
(For the people of the world)
Canibus baby
Let it now be noted
Mic Club
What's the fucking deal?

That here in our decision
This is what we stand for
Justice, Truth and the value of a single human being


Liberal Arts
Mic Club the Curriculum
Can-I-bus hittin 'em
Rippin 'em


by Deborah on 9/14/2010 12:54am
Wow!!!!!! This is amazin....!!!

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Canibus Mic Club: Curriculum Lyrics

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