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It's A Party Lyrics

Artist: Busta Rhymes
Album: The Coming

Right right right right
Right Busta Rhymes exclusive with the Zhane
Each and every day
We gon come around your way and do it our way word is bond

{It's a party let's get it on tonight}
Word up hah yeah yeah one time with the flow {that's how we flow}
{Gonna rock your body we gonna do it right}
{When I step up in the party won't you move it to the left}
Hah hah hah hah move it to the left
{Party people move it side to side I'm feelin kind of blessed}
Oooh hah yeah ooh yes, kind of blessed yes
{And I'm so fly... and you're so fly...}
Oh yeah I'm so fly... yeah, yeah you so fly too girl
{Feeling high tonight... it's a partyartyartyartyahhhh}
Word up word up... uhh, hah

UHH! Let me get down, do my thing
I always bring, shit that always make your ass swing
Holding down the fort while we keep shit tight
Hit you with that bang shit that keep you live all night
Makin moves strong while we keep rockin on
Now the object is survival son so get your hustle on
Bust two shots while I blow up the spot
I make it hot, till the jam is packed, to the parking lot, now
Me and my mans feel like we astronauts
Cause we so high from off that weed we got from new knots
Certified stimulation got me open wide
Before we slide to side we grab the stash out the ride
We on fire tonight, and the place is lookin steamy
Babygirl let me seek that gift that make your cake creamy uhh
Feel the heat circulatin through your body
Everytime the Flipmode click step inside the part, word is bond

{It's a party, let's get it on tonight}
Hah, right, word is bond
{Gonna rock your body, we gonna do it right}
{The stimulation circulating through my mind body and soul}
Uhh, hah, hah uh hah!
{Busta Rhymes, stimuli, making me lose control}
Hah hah hahhhh
{And I'm so fly... and you're so fly}
Word is bond, yes I am
{Feeling high tonight... it's a partyartyartyartyahhhh}
Ha ha ha

I got my mind made up, c'mon you can get it girl
Come with me if you really wit it girl
Back to my dungeon shack, where the party is it
Where I can tickle your nipples and your feminine fat
I checks for you baby whatchu gon do
There's a party at my crib designed just for me and you
Let me let my crew know we bout to break out
Flip, Star, Web, Dukwon Allah, and the Boy Scout
My man Black Missin, son whylin with the shorty flippin
Stackin papers, sippin bubbles good nigga livin
But anyway we bout to break out in my Lands
Pursuin our thoughts and executin all plans
The dope shit is that we both underestand
that it's a one night stand and you ain't even thinkin bout your man
Oooh, OH! We bout to turn on the heat again
Don't you say a word until we finish partyin

{Don't you know that tonight, is your night}
Hah, word up, tonight is the niiight
{Feelin good when I have a peace of mind}
Word up, a peace of mind
{Got to set it off and just a little bit wild}
Hah, woo, a little wild
{It's a partyartyahhhhhh}
Hah, it's a party y'all, it's a party y'all, it's a party y'all

Yo, well anyway I'm back around my way
Keepin it live you know how we do each and every day
Rollin through thick with my girls Zhane
With the exclusive debut Hey Mr. DJ
Listen to me baybay
We put somethin together that's gon drive you crazy
Get from our your seat and stop actin lazy
Or get up out my party if you actin shady, baby baby, it's a aprty

{It's a party, let's get it on tonight}
Word up, let's get it on tonight
{Gonna rock your body, Zhane and Busta Rhymes}
Yes, yes, uhh, Zhane and Busta Rhymes
{It's a party, let's get it on tonight}
Ahhh, woo, let's get it on, let's get it on
{Gonna rock your body, we gonna do it right}
Do it right now, ahh, hah
{It's a party, let's get it on tonight}
Throw your hands in the air!!!
{Gonna rock your body, Zhane and Busta Rhymes}
Zhane and Busta Rhymes exclusive, hah
{It's a party, let's get it on tonight}
Hah, word is bond, let's get it on babygirl
{Gonna rock your body, we gonna do it right}

Let's do it right now, keep it movin y'all
Flipmode is the unit y'all
You can't see what we doin y'all
Zhane and Busta B y'all
Yes we doin the whole entire party makin y'all
Woo, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, forever and ever and ever...


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