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Wind Blow Lyrics

Artist: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Album: Strength & Loyalty

-Layzie Bone-
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony...Ayo we ain't always been accepted like this, 'till a nigga got that the door nigga.

-Layzie Bone-
Bone Thugs got a story that's similar to Mike Jones, you can ask my homies/ I remember back in the days when they didn't want me/ Now I blew up they all on me, they smile's phony/ It's hard to determine who really is which of these niggas is fake/ They try to eat outta ya plate and you can't get a break/ now how much can you take? for Heavens sakes/ I cant wait they got me listenin' to the (wind blooowwwww)

Sittin' back, rollin' up my endo, rollin' with my middle finger hangin' out the window, let's roll/ Get ya motha fuckin' hand out my pocket/ Now they wanna be a nigga friend like we partners/ Nigga we was lookin' for a deal and you dodged us/ Never did call us what was your problem?/ But now we ridin' by, listen to the wind blow (wind blooowwww)

Niggas tell the real from the fake when it comes from the streets/ Livin' peace like a beat, like a drum from the ghetto (ghetto)/ Get us our peace wont let it go/ Said we wouldn't make it/ Now we some of the greatest bumpin' through your trunks and your radio (radio)..

-Sample- Chorus:
If you don't love me now, you will never love me again/ I can still hear you sayin', you must never break the chain...

-Layzie Bone-
Four true thugs from the double glock, a nigga ready to rumble when the trouble knocks/ Took a one way ticket straight off the block/ We gon' make the pay yall niggas just watch/ All eyes on me like my name was Pac/ Fuck a hip-hop cop, got a plastic glock/ I'm takin' drastic shots 'till these bastards stop/ When the casket drop I be mashin' out/ In a brand new drop top flyin' nigga...listenin' to the (wind bloooowwwww)

Killin' a nigga like a automatic weapon, when they step up they get hit with a AK-47/ Everybody tryna get a nigga with a blessin'/ They better not mess with mine, 'cause I'm tellin'/ All you niggas from the beginnin', that ain't no pretendin' conversate you gon' get it/ You betta listen (listen...listen) (listen to the wind blooowwwww)

If you get it take it to the fullest just for ish, just do it, do it/ Grab the game do it, to it, to it/ Chasin' chains, but still hood/ Dammit I love it, diamonds in the rough/ Don't come by to my hood (hood..hood..)..


Murderous ways (murda them all)/ In every way (murda them all)/ In the early days (murda them all)/ controversial (murda them all)

-Krayzie Bone-
So you flow like the wind blow never see me 'cause I get-ghost, so a nigga never get close/ I go fast or slow, no matter the tempo, murder the instrumental, murder the rhythm/ I ride to the rhythm of murda it's murda/ This lyrical venom I serve up gon kill 'em admittable murda/ Nigga burn some, stick with granddaddy n stack cash/ Nigga you better learn some/ We got the hood hot locked, even got the birds bumpin'/ Everybody tryna get in, don't nobody wanna be left in the wind (the wind..)

-Layzie Bone-
Uh uh..(uh..uh) nigga better not try to miss the boat/ The early bird get the worm, took the game by the throat..and squeezed/ 'Till the muthafucka broke/ Believe, it's murda we wrote/ It's dope that we serve on the curve to the booth/ These niggas gon' feel it 'cause we spit the truth/ Ain't never no fakin' that Grammy to prove/ Haters just hatin' we do what we do/ Let 'em we talk 'till we blue in the face/ Only because we blew up in they face/ If Bone was hurtin', if that was the case/ I'd probably go loco and catch me a case/ Nigga just move and give me some space/ When I let the wind blow in my face/ Nigga don't quit 'till I finish the race/ number one in the place betta make no mistake..


And now we ridin' by....


by smilez13 on 12/13/2008 11:24am
i have this cd and i play the song non going to ur concert on wensday the 17th i alburquerque nm

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Lyrics
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Strength & Loyalty Lyrics

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