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War(Battlecry Remix) Lyrics

Artist: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Album: The Collection Vol. 1

Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely nothin', nothin', nothin' . . .
War, war, war, war, war . . .
What is it good for? Absolutely nothin, nothin', nothin', nothin . . .

We be the mighty mighty warriors [warriors] on the rise [on the rise] thug (censored) to my battle cries. Warriors [warriors]
on the rise [on the rise]. [Time to die.] Thug (censored) [Time to die.], you better be ready for war. It's almost
here--nineteen ninety-nine. Could it be the endin', new millenium? Sendin' them soldiers out to die, then they ride for the
cause, screamin' (censored) we muggin', givin' no lovin' to these fake-ass laws, Mo Thuggin'. If you need to be prepared,
pump your strap up in the air. Let em' all loose if you ain't scared. Shoot 'em up, if ya don't care. Yeah! And I go to war for
two thangs: challenge me. I want my (censored) cheese, my (censored) family. Understand me: I ain't tryin' to tell you war
ain't the lick, but in the streets, you need your heat, or get your wig split. Strategize, mental mind, and timin' it perfect on the
attack. Throw distraction in the front, come with the dumpin' from the back. Yeah!

War, war, war, war, war . . .
What is it good for? Absolutely nothin, nothin', nothin', nothin . . .

One, two, three, four . . .
Ride, ride, ride, ride. We're ready to pull out and ride, ride, ride, ride . . .
Ready . . . You're dead.

I'm comin' to test you (censored) fate. See how many of y'all are prepared for Armageddon, should it be Judgement Day, still
it's a big mistake. How many have been face to face with death before? Tell me, how does it feel? Real nervous? 'Cause
everybody's ready to kill if it's my will. Safe outta my battle. Quit lookin' or I might have to smoke you when I roast you with
this beam. Focus you through my scope, mo murdered. Mighty, mighty warriors, some of the mighty, mighty trues still on the
rise. If you wanna test, you die. Then, I might make the news. We stompin' in steel-toed boots and suited up in fatigues, killin'
a few (censored), army throw up the white flag and retreat. So many soldiers, so many stories of war. But what is it good for?
Nobody knows, and what if the world is over in two triple zero?

War, war, war, war, war . . .
What is it good for? Absolutely nothin, nothin', nothin', nothin . . .

If thangs don't change, I think we all gon' die. Who's to say they wrong or right? You pushin' the button, not I, but we die,
that's why I'm gatherin' up my soldiers [soldiers]. Mo Thug, mine are prepared for war, because it's over [over]. Red light, red
light, red light, ride or die. It's gon' be casualties. So be ready to ride. And say it again: there's gon' be casualties, so be ready
to ride. And I got your back [back, back, back] if it goes like that [that, that, that]. Mo Thug ready to ride, if it goes like that,
and we all get papped, papped, papped. Yeah, yeah.

War, war, war, war, war . . .
What is it good for? Absolutely nothin, nothin', nothin', nothin . . .
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