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Mo' Murda Lyrics

Artist: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Album: E. 1999 Eternal

Mo murda, mo murda come, come again.

Dear Mr. Ouija,
Let 'em know who the boss is, so nigga, you wanna get tossed in the river? Nigga, put 'em in the mud, see them pump blood.
Nigga, no love. Me show with the Bone, when I grab that chrome, gonna hawk ya down. Follow me roll, stroll down East
Ninety-nine. Gotta find these roll hoes. Nigga, if you woke up and all of a sudden, nigga, you was off in my hood, I'm a real
thuggish nigga, so a I would have to kill you, so die. I throw ya to the coffin, pick up my pump, dump chumps in the gutter.
Pain, nigga got too fucked up. Bang. Takin' no shorts, so fuck you, man. Claim my thang to slang them bloody bodies. Kill
'em all. Send them hoes up in flames. Krayzie insane to the brain. Hey, we slay niggas who think we play. Nigga, me deadly
with the gun, (we shoot, they be dead), and Bone runnin' with the gun, steady buckin', leavin' them bodies dumped off alley for
dead. "I'm here. Kill 'em all. Mo murda, mo murda," that's what Ouija said. Gotta put one in your head. Bang. We comin'
to serve ya. Mo murda, mo murda, mo murda, mo murda, mo murda, mo murda.

Mo murda, mo murda come, come again.

Will I die of murder, bloody mo murda, livin' in the Land of the Heartless, comin' up daily? Until-a me murder them all, I'm
never gonna fall, so I murder them, baby. Get 'em up with a me thugs, see 'em on the corner, and they slangin' them drugs.
Givin' up shots out to the glock-glock: eighty-eight through the ten-five, them killas be pumpin' them slugs. Niggas be fiendin',
me dealin', (they thought I spit) twelve gauge eruption, and I 'm on a roll. Total destruction, and steady me buckin', and bodies
be bustin'. Me killa with a buckshot. I'm a peel ya. #1 Assassin's still the realer nigga down for my crime. Niggas be down,
tryin' to stay to the grind. Niggas is goin' insane, takin' a shot to the brain, and man. So, call it a shame, but what be the thang
up off this murder game? And I'm feelin' not a bit remorseful. My twelve gauge just so forceful. So, playa hate when I'm in
your town, a nigga me buckin' 'em down. And I'm givin' up peace to the hustlas, thugstas, and twelve gauge pumpstas. Drug
'em in gutters, mo murda me style, now, put 'em on the ground, lay down. Nigga, check my thang, the way that we swang,
when I'm comin' to serve ya with a nine cocked, and it's ready to pop, lettin' off shots, Layzie be screamin' out, "Murda, mo

Mo murda, mo murda come, come again.

Gotta kill, get 'em, nowhere to run, can't get away from my shotgun, leavin' them bodies fucked up. Pump, pump to the
ground, better leave it alone. Nigga, wanna die when fuckin' with Mo Thug, nigga, we killed this bitch? Now you wanna catch
some bang, bang? Nigga wanna die when I let my nuts hang? What is it in me that me feel like I gotsta murder ya? You slip
when I'm high, pullin' my trigger, and nigga you die, soldier. Four killas, we creepin' and comin' to hurt ya, mo murder. Better
pack that five, I'm feelin' like killin', you're dyin' tonight. You don't wanna hear that glock pop, when a glock pop, pop don't
stop. We yell about murda mo, finger on a trigger, Mo Thug let go. We straight from Cleveland, clack back, nigga you're
bleedin'. You don't wanna fuck with Bone, pullin' that chrome. Now, nigga, you're gone. If you wanna die, bye. See you in
gutter, let mama cry. Watch Mo Thug killas pump, pump, put 'em in the ground with his head blown gone. Mo murda, mo
murda, mo murda.

Mo murda, mo murda come, come again.

Eternal, if thugstas die, will I die of murda, now? East ninety-nine, follow me, grind, and all descendin' their body underground,
way down. Me ride and everyone dies, and I'm runnin' with my killas and all of my thuggish-ruggish niggas, no lies. Druggin'
up bloody mo victims, get 'em, get 'em, that'll be little RIPsta, sinister, kill y'all, put 'em in a river, bodies shiver, fuck that nigga.
Hit 'em up, inside mines be blowin' up, I'm dumpin'. Remember: me spray 'em, slay 'em, gauge 'em, layin' 'em up off in a
coffin, ready to fade 'em, to buck or to shoot with the twelve gauge eruptions, creep out your seat, would ya? We come to
stay, found out none of my niggas was bluffin'. For the love of the murder, man, the murder game, the same, but a bang, bang,
bang. Can't resist to bump you, now pow, runnin' 'em all off. St. Clair thugs stay down for the murder mo, oh no, ho, when a
thugsta stroll, forty-fours still pointed at the po-pos, stop 'em, drop 'em, numb those 'til they out cold, they froze. You know,
nigga, we can't be bluffin'. We bang insane. When I put one to your temple, mo murda, then blow out your brain.

Mo murda, mo murda come, come again.
Come bloody murda.


by aaron and angel on 5/24/2008 2:02pm
this is sick shit from the old school...not that its cool to shoot ppl up, but if that is what you gotta do, then thats just a way of life for you and its cool they can flow like this about it
by Bone Lover ! on 7/4/2008 5:20am
All thier Sonqs are Th Sheet ! Love Them ! They Shud Play Bone more often on the Radio instead ov all this solja boi shit ! and all that rubbish , Bone is REAL hiphop ! Thiss song is kewlio !
by Laura on 7/17/2008 11:14pm
Me be loving Bone Thugs a mighty long time!!! I'm a old school lover like Heavy D!!!! Sending love from Roxbury, Mass!!!!
by marvin on 9/17/2008 8:54pm
its the best rap u wiil every hear even if u are young and this are old motherfuckers and there better
by Mark on 11/8/2008 5:47pm
Bone is some raw ass shit. i've been listening to this shit since I was 10. lol and i'm only 18 lol. They're still, by far, some of the best out there.
by Good Times on the West Coast on 11/16/2008 8:48pm
I love bonethugs thy the best eva.Thea shit is meeeean
by greengram on 2/13/2009 12:16am
we du die, bt still gutt luv tho we buried in grave...............
by on 3/16/2009 8:31pm
I love bone thugs!! This song is one of my favorites! Even though it's about murder it hleps me relax and relives stress as I smoke a Blunt!! I have never heard a bone song I did not like! They really do have great harmony I don't want to go out killing because of it,instead I live
vicariously through them. even though I may be young, and an aspiering English teacher bone's the shit!! If there is any other bone fans who want to chat send an e-mail
by Karen on 5/4/2009 10:36am
dammmm bone thug snapped on dis 1 one of ma favorite song i be jammin out to this song all da time keep it up and always pass the blunt dnt fuk up the rotation down fo ma crown I LOVE BONE THUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by stormy78 on 5/10/2009 10:38pm
Man I miss this shit. I love Bone Thug from the 90s. They're newer stuff really isn't all that great IMO....
by Everyone sucks on 8/31/2009 10:01am
What the fuck is wrong with all of you people? Did you not learn to spell or use grammar?

KEWL?? What the fuck is that?? It's spelled COOL, motherfucker.

Bone Lover, you sound like a faggot.

greengram, go back to third grade and try again.

by 1p on 9/1/2009 12:00am
old school track i used to jam. i think "everyone sucks" needs a hug
by jake on 10/30/2009 1:15pm
bone 2 tha dae I D.I.E
by I like big buts. on 4/1/2010 7:43am
You all sound like faggets...

Its a good song OK but faggots shouldn't listen to it nerds.
by anthony white on 4/20/2011 9:16am
the best rap group eva created
by Barney Bone on 7/29/2011 10:07pm
Have listened to Bone Thugs since 1994 the greatest no words
by DEATH BY ANAL on 8/24/2011 10:20pm
by cliff on 9/8/2011 3:04pm
luv bone since primary school now in d stil gat luv 4 dem
by me on 11/26/2013 9:37am
whats that shite pop up about on this website? sort It out.
by Marceonthebeat on 10/9/2015 5:15pm
BONE THUGS! Deez niggas been the shit. Mo Murda is pure fire one of the best songs I've ever heard. They have talent for days on the E99 album. Although the run basically the same flow, each Bone has their own style. Deez the niggas I studied to be a dope MC. And trust flippin the tongue come naturally to me now. Cnt nobody touch my niggas Bone. And yet they're so very humble wit it. Yall betters give props to deez cats. From the Motown ages of hip hop. What more can I say wen it comes to extreme talent versatility and originality; it dnt get no better than BTNH. #BoneSoldier4Life#Eternal

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Lyrics
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony E. 1999 Eternal Lyrics

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