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Jamming Lyrics

Artist: Bob Marley

We're jamming
I wanna jam it with you,
We're jamming, jamming
And I hope you like jamming too

Ain't no rules, ain't no vow, we can do it anyhow
I and I will see you through,
'Cos every day we pay the price with a little sacrifice
Jamming till the jam is through.

We're jamming
To think that jamming was a thing of the past,
We're jamming, jamming
And I hope this jam is gonna last

No bullet can stop us now, we neither beg nor will we bow
Neither can be bought nor sold.
We all defend the right, JAH JAH children must unite
Your life is worth much more than gold.

We're jamming, jamming
We're jamming in the name of the Lord
We're jamming, jamming
We're jamming right straight from JAH

Holy mount Zion
Holy mount Zion
JAH sitteth in Mount Zion
And rules all Creation

Yeah, we're jamming, jamming
I wanna jam it with you
We're jamming, jamming
I'm jammed, I hope you're jamming too

Jam's about my pride and truth I cannot hide
Too Keep you satisfied.
True love that now exist is the love I can't resist
So jam by my side.


by sayuri rastaye ! on 5/19/2008 12:50pm
a good song !!

peace and good loving !
by moo on 5/23/2008 4:30am
jam man
by Paola on 6/5/2008 4:21am
JAmmiiiiiiiiiing :D <3
by m03030 on 6/6/2008 8:24am
I'm jammed, I hope you're jamming too
by Brianna on 6/9/2008 5:36pm
were jamminnnnnng..

love i cannot hide just be true to kennett high
by Bob marley on 6/20/2008 7:44am
jamming ......... smooke ...
by 1x1 on 6/21/2008 11:09am
Very good song!!

by 1x1(HUNGARY) on 6/21/2008 11:10am
Very good song!!

by lil Roa on 6/23/2008 7:03pm
by msirina on 7/6/2008 5:38pm
Really I love that lyrics . yo BOB you was and you are and you still the best.
by Nina on 7/7/2008 6:12am
sooooooooo nice
by Ginger! on 7/13/2008 1:01pm
uuuuuuuuuu..! una excelentícima letra y vergonísimo ritmo..

lo mejor!

larga vida al Rey Bob Marley!
by razteca on 7/19/2008 7:30pm
we jamming in the name of de lord!!!
by frapa on 8/9/2008 10:55pm
me parece que no va.
a vos te digfo, el primero que comento, pelotudo
poneme tu mail si te la bancas cara de concha afligida
by Alfred Nyakusha Irangi. on 8/15/2008 6:28am
nesta robert marley was choosen by god no one like him jaah,god bless him
by frank on 9/1/2008 1:07pm
yer just to say, jamming is a euphemism for smoking ganja right??
by REggaeeeeee on 9/2/2008 2:50am
by anoutcha gytrounie on 9/11/2008 4:11pm

le meilleur pour la fin :)))))
by sebastian schwartzman on 9/22/2008 5:50pm
Esta cancion es la favorita de mi papá y a mi me gusta mucho. siempre amé a Bob Marley y es una lástima que haya falllecido.
by Nani on 9/24/2008 11:58pm
Jamming is one of the best Bob Marley songs written! Bob Marley rules!! Keep on jamming!
by christine on 10/6/2008 2:54pm
great song
I love Bob forever
by Carly Valiente on 10/9/2008 9:47pm
jamming my fave song
by rohan on 10/10/2008 9:22am
this track is incredibal
by Hola on 10/16/2008 5:58pm
Shuer loco
by GANJA! on 10/19/2008 8:32am
by spliff on 11/7/2008 5:12pm
by :) on 11/15/2008 8:42pm
I wANnA JAMmItt wit youu <3
by AL on 11/18/2008 9:17pm
Jamming is not a euphanism for MArijuana, just jamming man
by Sam on 12/3/2008 6:34pm
You're jamming by my side Bob!
by ricky-o on 12/8/2008 6:16pm
jamming in the mix...
by SainT on 12/10/2008 2:51am
lets get together and feal all right this are bob's words so people lets jam togethar.

Peace and Love to all mankind!!!
by nabel on 12/10/2008 4:10pm
God forsake the pride
i hope you are burning in hell
by Dejan Belic on 12/14/2008 5:37pm
by Bob marley on 12/20/2008 7:50am
I love hes music(The best reagge i thr hole world)Hes beter then Lucky dude
by fi3ur on 12/28/2008 9:49am
<3 =)
by LeLo on 12/31/2008 1:47pm
eu amo jammin é minha música favorita baby!!!escuto sempre fazendo uma fumacinha é Mara!!!!
by Jozita on 1/3/2009 8:18pm
and i hope we will jamm forever <3
by balack on 1/16/2009 9:47am
jamming weed
by Jakey on 1/17/2009 6:39am
To think that jammin was a think of the past!? <3

I love the dynamics of his voice at the end. :)

by _ on 1/18/2009 7:55pm
you go bob!
by <3 on 1/23/2009 10:13pm
by guilty's on 1/24/2009 9:27am
jah its bob
by BoA on 1/31/2009 12:23pm
Legend ¸„ø¤º°¨~
¸„ø¤º°¨Bob Marley ``°º¤ø„¸
¸„ø¤º``°º¤ø„¸ ¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„¸¸ Brasov, Romania
by co2mint on 2/6/2009 1:09pm
That is a fucking mint song

r.i.p bob i love your music
by Someone on 2/25/2009 5:19pm
I hate that song! he is singing about the zionists, the children killers!!
by channaaaaaayyy on 3/12/2009 3:36pm
madd crazy
by michelleee on 3/13/2009 9:05am
i love bob marleyy sooo muchh geat songssss
whooooooo :D:D xxxxxx
by ravi on 3/13/2009 3:16pm
sir bob marley.....
by Fernanda on 3/14/2009 7:53am
Bob's best song EVER!
by rodrigoo on 3/28/2009 8:21am
Wats jaming mean?

Pls some one tell me, i have been searching for some days ago :P

Very nice song :)
by Kayana on 4/14/2009 4:05pm
Jamming is love, is be happy, is say thank to the Lord!
by Carl on 4/22/2009 1:16pm
by agra on 4/30/2009 7:28pm
nICE soNG MEn!!
by J T on 5/2/2009 12:28am
Jamming. It's a play on Jah, I'm pretty sure. Not only are we "jamming", we're definitely "jah-min".
by Brianna10 on 5/17/2009 7:51pm
i love this song.when you are listening to this you better be Jamming.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jimi akakoud on 5/31/2009 8:19am
by Demien bL on 6/6/2009 3:56am
wee will all someday Like Jamming.......pLz stay by MEEEEEEE!!!
B.M. I love you.......
by roberto nesta on 6/7/2009 2:40pm
smock weed every day
by GOGO on 6/10/2009 2:04am
by vera on 6/25/2009 3:10pm
smoke the weed and enjoy the natural way of relaxing!!!i m jamed:)
by makram robehmed on 6/29/2009 10:35am
jammin now , jammin tmrw and jammin everyday !!!
by Rastaman Vibes... on 7/17/2009 8:22pm
I think Jamming means to block something.either it is gonverment,or something else:P...But i am also pretty sure that it has something to do with JAH.who knows.i ll ask Bob when i die and meet him up there :)
by Bryce on 7/18/2009 12:01pm
Bob marley is my idol. He tried to spread peace and love through music. The last thing he said to his son before he died was "money cant buy life". Rip bob marley. The world is a lesser place without you.
by chey on 7/20/2009 12:51pm
i love bob marley1
by frank jahman on 8/6/2009 12:37am
He's a prophet man,hail the rasta,he lives on.
by Marlon on 8/22/2009 10:10am
True love that now exist is the love i can´t resist.... very goody lyric
by JOHNY on 8/24/2009 1:53pm
BOB MARLEY rules!!
by hraphrap on 9/26/2009 12:19pm
and russia loves him
by lda on 10/17/2009 5:48pm
viva la mariguana tio bob
by SABELO on 10/17/2009 9:15pm
the fuckin commentary is thay i love bob marley, he is just great, and the mother fucker that said that bob marley didn't rule is a fuckin asshole.
y el cara de concha afligida te voy a cagar a trompadas no se si me entendes hijo de puta, LETS JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM
by shamir on 10/18/2009 11:50pm
coz everyday we pay the price with a little sacrifice
by Hakim =) on 10/20/2009 5:49pm
Excellent, Bob Marley is living within the hearts of all his real fans around the world =)
by Plegui on 10/24/2009 11:54am
The only Rastaman in the world who always loves people and i like him a lot.
by Michael on 10/27/2009 1:18pm
What the fuck mean jammin or jam in this son? can anyone explain me? Sorry but i'm tired to search it and don't find any logical reponse. I wait for your reponse. Is a pretty nice song, i love it!
by John on 11/11/2009 1:48pm
to jammin' it means to smoking weed, listning reggae,get youreself late and love everithing around yourself like Bob Marley =)
by murfrasta on 11/11/2009 4:56pm
jaming, the children of jah are celebrating and this time no bullet of the slave master/children of babylon can stop us now. this celebration is gonna last bcos this time neither we will be bought nor sold.
by Toti on 11/26/2009 10:03am

Larga Vida AL Rey BOB MARLEY!
by Julian Leonard Hardenberg on 11/30/2009 11:36am
Great song.. I always listen to this song.
by ald on 12/9/2009 12:55am
jamming! :p
by Michael on 12/14/2009 3:20am
Were jaming in the name of the lord! Great, relaxing song- Bob for life:-)
by Russia 88 on 1/15/2010 9:34am
очень gooood))))
by :D on 1/22/2010 6:10am
on est o tooop!
by rasta2Q on 2/15/2010 3:13pm
jamming in solution for this craket world........

Jah bless us all.
by BEEF on 3/7/2010 6:00pm
bob marley jams my socks off
by locogothika on 3/31/2010 5:12pm
jamming with you
by Aliko on 4/2/2010 3:07am
I neva jammed,bt i like jamming song. Respect rastaman!
by john Q on 4/3/2010 4:03pm
vivaa el reggaeee
by qusay on 5/10/2010 11:39am
jam it with weed..!
by Love Ras Tafari on 5/12/2010 12:44pm
All of you who askin what jammin mean, it just mean bein rastafari man. If you still dont overstand what dis mean then learn about rastafari (da man tinking that Zion connected to Israel shud too!). Dis may inculde smokin da hab but dont have to, cause no rastaman has to do anyting! Its pure freedom man!

Love to all da Rastaman out there!
by ekorastavariansjahbles... on 5/13/2010 11:30am
wooow graet cool
Bob Marley i love u full...
by NZER on 5/15/2010 11:56am
Are you guys serious? some of the definitions ive seen on here for jamming are laughable.

Jamming means to listen to music and chill out with no worries.
by noromanocry on 6/11/2010 10:39am
trop bonne musique.....des bond délires dessus..... Sorry all I'mm french =D
by jamming on 6/20/2010 5:57pm
I hope this jam is gonna last.....
by john merlyn on 6/22/2010 12:13pm
Bob Marley rules.i'm really ass-crazy 'bout him.he's the best there ever was.RIP Bob.
by Anão tosco on 8/13/2010 1:01pm
Bob Marley eu não gosto de você, nem do john merlyn, nem do Julian Leonard Hardenberg, nem da Fernanda. EU não gosto de ninguem!

O som é massaa
we re jammingg , jaammiiinngg
by meooow on 8/18/2010 10:59am
Nice song... i love it...
by Tonac on 10/3/2010 5:53pm
Jamming in dance culture is a kind of informal show-off during a social dance party. Dancers clear a circle (jam circle or dance circle) and dancers or dance couples take turns showing their best tricks while the remaining dancers cheer the jammers on.
by Tony from boca chica on 10/9/2010 6:51am
I love Bob Marley·s music...He will always be in my heart...
by Edith Rastafarian on 10/13/2010 9:28am
JAH sitteth in Mount Zion
And rules all Creation

Perfect :)
by Robert on 10/28/2010 8:50am
"Jamming" means a musical improvisation.
by tawfik from tunisia on 11/6/2010 2:50pm
i love this song she bring me my baby and she make her gonne in the same time :(
by Vadim on 11/22/2010 1:15pm
Bob, we Love you
Bob, we love your music
Bob, we'll keep you in our hearts, cause your music makes us alive))
by free man on 12/4/2010 12:39pm
Bobs music can teach us about the law, if we know how to read it. The wisdom of the music knows no bounds.
by REGGAE on 1/28/2011 11:45am
I wanna jam it with you,
And I hope you like jamming too...
by REGGAE FAN on 2/1/2011 2:54am
umagresia jaming bob miyvarxar
by BIG DADDY on 2/21/2011 8:02am
by Vitalik on 3/24/2011 1:12pm
We're jamming! We're jamming! We're jamming! We're jamming! I'm jammed, I hope you're jamming too!!!
by Fajriansyah Januar on 4/8/2011 9:10pm
I Love Jamming.
Hahaha. . .
Bob Marley is the best.
by JAH on 4/20/2011 10:14am
love this song
by Sara Bartrop on 5/8/2011 3:23pm
i am a belend ;)
by alex harper on 5/21/2011 8:13pm
i love bob marley. if anyone else does, fine me on facebook :) i love to jam to mr marley every morning before my big poo poo
by Jammer on 7/1/2011 7:49pm

dont try to define Jamming!!

its like explaining the color red...

hear the song and "FEEL" the jamming
by Calixto II on 7/9/2011 4:43pm
Bob Marley! a cabeza non para. Compostela. GAlicia
by point five!! on 7/15/2011 12:52pm
bob's reggae is the healing of my satisfactions...
by king_kong on 7/17/2011 9:25am
by gimbalisme on 10/26/2011 12:04am
regaae is d ' best..wooooyyoooee
by Arseboobs on 10/30/2011 9:35am
Bloody brilliant! Marley is the arse of God.
by Seratian on 10/31/2011 5:51pm
lets play a drinking game, every time the word Jamming appears.... well you know the rest, we get hammerd
by Stano on 11/4/2011 12:51am
by nicole rogers on 12/19/2011 7:57am
wrote by a god and song by a god. bob marley=LEGEND
by samsom on 1/4/2012 10:30am
jamming that song of true JAH yaknow
by Salahadin on 2/3/2012 1:05pm
Wow bob u r our teacher really jammed too.
by pali on 3/26/2012 10:02am
bobby never died
by drunk on 4/12/2012 11:13am
Never have a drinking game with this song! had to drink everytime Bob says Jamming!
by sush on 4/21/2012 12:21am
Bob = Peace
by Ekuma Emmanuel Ibeabuchi on 5/11/2012 11:16am
BOB you are still the best!
by samalo on 5/14/2012 3:43am
With you still wolete maskel
by chenche on 8/13/2012 7:27pm
jam by ma side
by Dude frm Tanzania on 10/14/2012 9:27pm
When u got herb,sure u will understand de jumming means what.rastaman feel high by de power of jah.
by bitu on 12/26/2012 2:53pm
I wanna jamming with you.
by Ras Arya on 3/1/2013 8:29am
by ryan madu on 5/14/2013 10:07pm
Bob is the best among all legends in music! I only listen to reggae now and promote it! Man Bob is not dead!I alwas jam in on train bus everywhere! Haha
by Gilda parchami on 11/21/2013 10:03am
Jamming <3
i have a good memory with it
by yuven on 11/12/2014 3:17am
jam it with me as well
by Eric on 8/26/2016 4:58pm
As always with the legend Bob, a mixture of reality, fun and etxcertra...Jamming

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