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Maggot Face Lyrics

Artist: Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Album: One Less G In The Hood

Here come the maggot, feedin' on my flesh! x8
Darkness, (black!) buried underground
3 slugs in my chest, never been found
I'm decomposin', my lungs collapse
My flesh is food for the maggots on my back!
Got my gat! They all said my bodies paralized
I can feel them crawling on my eyes!
And lookin' for the open wounds, the smell of death
Now they on the march, on my face to eat my flesh
Startin' on my chest where the first bullet enter
A hundred maggots in and start diggin' in the center!
Tearin' up my insides, til' they reached my rib
then one of them hollered, "Back to the grill!"
They all followed one by one on my chest
And headed on back to my face to rest
The trip to my head was like a race
They all made it though, and that's why I got a maggot face!
Yea I got a maggot face and I don't care
Yea I got a maggot face and I, don't, care! x4
I got maggots on my face, 3 quarters of my body
They runnin' through my veins like a, IVY!
Feedin' off the blood and flesh to take control
Of a lifeless corpse, dead man without a soul
Tryin' to maintain while they crawl through my bloodstream
I can feel'em movin' from my neck to my brain
To my eyelids, to the back of my spine
From my feet on up to my mother fuckin' mind!
They want to take control of my body and reak havoc
On them suckas out there tryin to rob my fuckin' casket
Or my goods like a 40 of formaldehyde
A 9 millimeter, good for pullin' drive-bys!
My 2 rags and a sawed of shotgun!
Any sucka get wit'in 2 feet, I pop'em!
And I peel your wig, before you bit the case
I wanna tell you bitches straight from the maggot face
Here come the maggot, feedin' on my flesh! x8
Now your homie Blaze, got a maggot face
Got me creepin' out the casket, just to erase
Suckers on my block 'cause the maggots gotta eat
Scoped 3 fools with my semi-auto heat
Dragged their fuckin' bodies back into my casket
Choppin' limbs up, wit' a hatchet!
Fresh for the livin, aint no better taste
Woke from the dead, made a mother fuckin' maggot face!


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Blaze Ya Dead Homie Lyrics
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