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Drama Lyrics

Artist: Blackstreet

Yo, I know It's you. I had to go out for a minute to take care of a few
things, I ain't 'gon be long, but if you get to the crizib before I get back,
you know what to do, the crib is yours. So, um, just cool out. I'll be there
in a few. I got a surprise for you too. It's real sweet. I'll see you soon. I
miss you, I love you.

Well here I go in my ride. Got the face rocking on my sounds. Got the phone
in my hand. My baby hit me two times. I got to hit her back she said she's
riding in tonight. See my baby's been gone for so long. She's back in town
it's time we get it on. She told me she would meet me at my spot about eight.
That gives me two whole hours to get my shit straight. Yeah Yeah. I hit my
case about six. It's almost time to see her, almost time to get my fix. I
just can't wait to see her pretty face. She's not like all these others on a
paper chase. She's the kind of girl that you want to be true to. There's
nothing that this girl wouldn't do for you, no. I think I here her in my
driveway. Opened up the door and this is what she had to say.

I found someone to do what you used to. Boy, you thought you were deceiving
me with your infidelity. I found someone who really deserves me. And he's all
I need. I'm making my move. I found someone new. Ain't got no more love for

How could you go and do this to me, baby. Since you hit town you had me
running 'round acting crazy. (crazy) And had I known you'd treat me this way.
We'd have to swing this drama scene another day. This was your night. Ringers
off, beepers off. My shit was tight. You blew it baby, word is born. And
after all I've done for you. You messed around and blew the best thing that
happen to you baby.

Now, don't go and put it all on me. Since I left town you've been trying to
run down on every girl you see. I can't believe you'd do this to me. Ooah
baby. I know about your friend with the Red Benz. Now why you wanna go and
play a game you can't win? You didn't know she was my best friend. And now we
all up in your pockets for your Benjamins. Benjamins, what?


I'm so sorry, I need you, I love you, Don't go nowhere, I need you baby,
Right here right now, And I love you, I need you, Please stay forever and
ever and ever, Don't leave me, I'm miserable, Forever don't leave me baby,
Girl I love you, I need you, Forever and ever baby,
Don't leave me, Don't leave me baby, I love you.


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