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Big Railroad Man Lyrics

Artist: Bill Anderson
Album: Just Plain Bill

The birthday party was over toys were scattered here and there
Seven candles laid by the last piece of cake in front of an empty chair
A mother said son I know you're disappointed but please try to understand
Your daddy's been awfuly busy cause he's a big railroad man
So you go on to sleep now she kissed him and turned out the light
Moments later a window opened and the young boy slipped out into the night
He was on his way to the depot the express wasn't due till ten
But they they just might run a special if they knew that dad was comin' in
The mighty scream of the 9:15 tore through the winter night
The whirl of the wheels and the clang of the steel jarred the country side
The southbound freight was running late desperate to make up time
When a giant of a man with a sack in his hand leaped off like a mountain lion
He hit and rolled like an old pro and he got up off the ground
He brushed the snow from off his grimy clothes and said
Hey kid what's the name of this town
The frightened boy said Grandville sir the man said well what do ya know
Ha I used to live in this little one horse town
I guess about six or maybe it was seven years ago
I told my wife when I left here that I'd be coming back in style
Ha oh well anyway it looks like I'm back I guess I just might as well visit awhile
So if you'll be so kind as to point the way to the Joneses
Why I'll go now and leave you be
The young boy said sir the only Joneses that live around here
Is my mama and my daddy and me
Course dad he's been gone a long time now
Course now he don't want to be ye understand
It's just that daddy's got lots of important things to do
You see he's a big railroad man
He sends me birthday presents and mama reads me what he writes
In his last letter daddy promised that he was gonna try and make it home tonight
The old man scratched the side of his head and he said
Grandville Grandville I thought you said Denville oh well I guess that's natural mistake
Now if you'll just point the way to the depot
Why I'll be checking on the next fast freight
Tell you what you run on home now and you tell your mom
To go ahead and fix up your daddy's room
Cause I've got the strangest feeling
That your daddy just might be coming home pretty soon


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