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Burn One Down Lyrics

Artist: Ben Harper
Album: Fight For Your Mind

Let us burn one, from end to end.
And pass is over to me my friend.
Burn it long, but burn it slow,
to light me up before I go.

If you dont like my fire, then dont come around.
Cause I'm gonna burn one down.
Yes I'm gonna burn one down

My choice is what i chose to do;
and if I'm causin no harm,
it shouldn't bother you.
Your choice is who you chose to be;
and if your causin to harm, then your alright with me.

If you dont like my fire, then dont come around, cause I'm gona burn one down.
Yes i'm gonna burn one, down.

Herb the gift, from the Earth,
and what's from the earth is of the greatest worth.
So before u knock it, try it first.
and you'll see it's a blessing and it's not a curse.
If you dont like my fire, then dont come around,
cause i'm gonna burn one down.
Yes i'm gonna burn one.

oh yeah


by hippie_chick27 on 5/19/2008 6:46pm
by MRAH! on 5/22/2008 10:08pm
this song just makes me want to dance.
by dez on 5/29/2008 4:44pm
by eddie on 6/3/2008 8:33am
by Dillon on 6/6/2008 8:27am
"and if your causin to harm, then your alright with me."....that part of the lyric is wrong its' "and if your causin no harm, then your alright with me."...but this is a wicked song lol
by Watkins on 6/8/2008 4:21pm
this is the best song. i hate all those anti pot people. "its going to ruin ur life" bs its all bs. weed is a gift from the earth embrace it while we can so make ur own choices while u live and live how you want to, we only have so long before we all die so dont keep grudges. pass the peace :)
by Linus on 6/12/2008 6:50am
love this song ... pretty nice message in it , you can't just read the lyrics and think yeah it's about weed , there is a deeper sense of it "if you don't like my fire , then don't come around `think about it
by Andrew Q on 6/12/2008 1:32pm
This song is amazing
by trooz on 6/16/2008 9:06pm
i also think it is "burn the gift from the earth" not "herb the gift, from the earth"
by one two three on 6/24/2008 1:48am
my brother smokes, and i'd always nag him for it,

he made me listen to this,

i wont nag him any more
by katie on 6/25/2008 4:05pm
a word from eugene oregon. this is an anthem to all who live freely and love life. you must embrace the earth and us hippies know how too. =]. listen to the song and let your soul flow...
smoke. inhale. breathe.

thank you ben harper. your a true spirit.
by Bilbo Baggins on 7/14/2008 1:03pm
Great song, but the deal-breaker with these evil lyrics sites is that the transcriptions are SHIT. If I 'share a song' I have to edit the fucker monumentally. Hope I'm not "causin' to harm" here, but God are people STUPID. God Bless Ben all the same.
by Josh Korf on 7/18/2008 1:38pm
An amazing song, lyrically this song has so much meaning. specifically "Herb the gift, from the Earth, and what's from the earth is of the greatest worth.
So before u knock it, try it first.
and you'll see it's a blessing and it's not a curse" is by far one of the best written lyrics explaining exactly what marijuiana is and how it can help so many people throught out the entire world.
by megan kushman on 7/21/2008 8:34pm
best smokin song

God Gave Ganja

this song celebrates that fact

<3333 thank you Lord

tis a blessing

a spiritual portal for the
by f on 7/21/2008 8:35pm
by Suma on 7/22/2008 2:37pm
well, i donīt smoke. But i respect people who does.

I love this song. Itīs great and itīs not just about the weed

by Andrew on 7/31/2008 7:01am
Great song. Makes me feel warm inside
by Gab on 8/2/2008 12:55am
it's not so much about weed, just acceptance
by Michelle on 8/2/2008 3:20pm
It's causin' NO harm
ans herb the gift is correct, i believe
by Weed smokin guy on 8/21/2008 9:03am
Me and my friend listen to this song every day!
We listen to it everytime get baked and we cant help but smile.
Thank you Mr Harper.......we are now trippers like you.
by Tayy on 8/24/2008 1:12am
it doesnt harm you physically.. it comes from the ground.. its really not a bad thing.. its your choice so dont annoy the people who smoke just dont be around it
by Lewis on 9/16/2008 4:55pm
Please note, it's "causing no harm."
by jhfalkjasfsadf on 9/17/2008 7:02am
oh i like very much
by malcolm on 9/17/2008 9:30pm
"If you're causin no harm", not "If your causin no harm".
by johnny reb1861-1865 on 9/18/2008 7:18pm
this song sounds like a great life style cause im gonna burn one down
by chelsea Keresz on 10/2/2008 11:36pm
if it's from the earth it most deff. is not a curse i just wish more people could understad that. in stead of judging people who smoke because weed has a waqy deeper meaning then something you smoke. it shoudl be legal. i think ciggarettes should be the thing that is illegal. and i strongly belive that. evan tho i also smoke ciggs.
by Tony on 10/18/2008 2:10am
You can talk about deeper meanings all you want, but "Herb the gift from the earth" is pretty damn specific. There's not a lot of wiggle room, there.
by Rowan on 10/18/2008 4:58pm
To me the song is more about finding friends and companions who you are comfortable with and comfortable with you and the choices you decide to make in life. not just about having a session. Great song ^_^
by rudy on 10/21/2008 6:24am
great to jam on guitar and awsome lyrics. burn and jam with ben
by nitemare hippy on 10/25/2008 3:39pm
by theresa on 10/26/2008 12:38pm
this song is beautiful and wonderful and so many things.
thank you ben harper, thank you.
by Jake on 11/3/2008 1:39pm
this song puts me in the greatest place in the world, ben harper uou truly are amazing, thank you :)
by weirdportlandOregon on 11/8/2008 8:07pm
fantastic song.
truly beautiful.
by i like wee wees in my mouth on 11/18/2008 1:52pm
i would just like to say hi to everyone,, HI
by Weedguy on 12/7/2008 9:11pm
This song is the best, Whenever im high i just listen to this and its so nice
by leemango tango on 12/16/2008 9:03pm
by Kat on 12/20/2008 5:21pm
great song! I wish everyone applied this to their lives, things would be so much easier for people to live in peace with each other.
God bless
by moss kid on 12/27/2008 4:20pm
i would like to burn one downnn
by Anti-pot haha on 1/3/2009 1:03pm
I don't smoke, but this song is beautiful. "If you don't like my fire, then don't come around". It has some really good meaning within the song.
by on 1/7/2009 5:31pm
this song is nice with it
by mary jane on 1/7/2009 11:48pm
one love, one heart, lets get together and feel alright. from bob to ben the meaning is peace and love.
by headstails on 1/10/2009 11:47am
i would also like to burn one
by zenspeed on 1/15/2009 10:34pm
Note, my friend, that it's "if you're causin' NO harm, you're alright by me", not "if you're causin TO harm..."

by phukingruvin420 on 1/21/2009 2:52pm
i am burnin one down!!
one love!!
by Dead Head on 2/1/2009 8:56pm
i love this song so much! people shouldn't nag on you for what you choose to do it's your life! "i'm gonna choose what i choose to do, and if i'm causin no harm, it shouldn't bother you", weed is a gift from god. it's natural if he didn't want us to smoke it he wouldn't have put it on the earth!
by beubs22 on 2/3/2009 11:31am
hahaa.this just gives a bunch of potheads an exuse to defend smoking...yeah its alright if you do it, but when you let it take you over, which many people wind up behind the counter at Wendy's...don't act like all smoking pot is fine just because someone made a good song about it
by Scott on 2/4/2009 7:38am
I agree that this song is becoming something of an anthem for cannibis lovers, but just look at all these posts...if people were this motivated to actually go and do something about these ridiculous cannibis laws, then it would have been legal already. Let's get active people! NOW is the time!
by Scott...again on 2/4/2009 7:41am
Join and support NORML and perhaps one day we can all burn one down in public without shame or consequence. Beautiful song, deep message.
by TrueVermonter:) on 2/13/2009 4:23pm
70% of vermonter's smoke and interestingly enough, there aren't alot of wendy's around here OR people who work in them! I wonder why Vermont is such a happy peaceful place... hmm... could it be the weed?? ;p
by nunya on 2/20/2009 12:16am
wow ya'll are idiots. "its from the earth, it must be good" thats the dumbest thing i ever heard. go smoke some poison oak-its natural, its a gift from god, so take it and enjoy it. bunch of lazy do-nothing fags.
by Marcos on 2/22/2009 11:28pm
I Burn One XXL Down every morning, the best way to start my day.
by gotgrass? on 3/1/2009 5:26pm
FUCK all the ignorant fuckboys who keep nagging the herb. its the most beautiful thing in the world and fyi people who smoke aren't lazy do nothing fags, i do plenty in my day even when i'm not burning one. fuck you dude, go smoke a blunt. it'll make you not so uptight and a prude Dick.
by gotgrass? on 3/1/2009 5:27pm
FUCK all the ignorant fuckboys who keep nagging the herb. its the most beautiful thing in the world and fyi people who smoke aren't lazy do nothing fags, i do plenty in my day even when i'm burning one. fuck you dude, go smoke a blunt. it'll make you not so uptight and a prude. Dick.
by Widd on 3/7/2009 4:41pm
>>hahaa.this just gives a bunch of potheads an exuse to defend smoking

We don't need an excuse to defend smoking. Personally, I don't care how another person feels about me smoking. It's my decision to do so and others should respect that. If my neighbor can kill brain cells with cheap light beer, allow me to smoke this delicious bud. A victimless crime is an oxymoron.
by ganja bebe on 3/10/2009 5:25pm
whats from the earth is of the greatest worth
by Lochie on 4/11/2009 6:44pm
Such a good song, infact im burning one down right now=)
Peace to all xx
by on 4/15/2009 1:04pm
Bro, your speak my language
by (: on 4/20/2009 5:43pm
wish i could burn one down right now.
celebrate 4/20.
by wally on 4/22/2009 10:12pm
this is the SICKEST song!!!! (to make this more interesting I'm really HIGH =)
by air force guy on 5/7/2009 10:52pm
I don't smoke, but this song puts me in the most relaxing mood, it is so awesome. i'm a surfer so it is just awesome
by astrogirl on 5/17/2009 9:53am
that song really makes me burn one down!!!
by Allie on 5/21/2009 2:35pm
I'm going to have to agree with the 98% of people who actually do enjoy this song for what it is. This song is definitely about peace and acceptance. If the "ignorant fuckboy", as someone has brilliantly named him, can't realize that then fuck off. If you don't like it, then take your negative bull shit elsewhere. Actually, what you really need to do is open up you're mind a little and fully understand what Ben Harper is trying to say here... Anyways, AMAZING SONG. Absolutely genius. Something I can live my life by.
by Industry on 6/4/2009 7:12pm
fuck the police
by dat dro on 6/9/2009 12:24am
and...Im bout to burn one down!!!
by Blueberry yummy on 6/18/2009 11:54am
Kudos much love and peace, and poison oak isn't bad hossfly
by influence on 6/22/2009 11:41am
this song really makes me wanna smoke... and it definately is "no harm", but the "herb"-line is right.

nice song
by Lucy on 6/24/2009 4:46pm
To the people who are hating on marijuana.. If you don't like to smoke, what are you doing on this page?

Spend less time hating, more time on things ya like to do :)

This song is about acceptance. Religion, beliefs, different points of view.. they cause conflict in our nation, and world wide, because people cannot accept those who are different.

You don't have to smoke pot. You don't have to worship a certain religion or believe things you don't want to. You can stay true to you, without disrupting the peace.
by Josh on 7/17/2009 8:52pm
We all know this song isnt about weed :-p
by Aaron Petersen on 7/18/2009 3:19pm
Im a Christian. Jesus loves everyone. John 3:16. I love this song. If you are looking to become a part of Gods kingdom just simply pray 'dear Jesus i know i am a sinner and i reciece you as my savior right now, please come and live within me and make me a child of God
by Alien on 8/21/2009 1:05pm
What the fuck man ? This song makes you dance ? ... i think you didn't understood the message

This song makes me wanna SMOKE ... A LOT :X
by HEMP, my initials(: on 8/25/2009 7:25pm
the lyrics at the top are correct, and so what if there's some typos. it's still one of the greatest songs ever. ah, i love this song with a passion. it's beautiful. (:
by kenzie on 9/18/2009 9:37pm
senior quote<3
by jen aka lucy in the sky on 11/4/2009 10:19am
totally dig this song-listen to it all the time burning one down as we speak reeeeeeefer <3 Emancipate yourself from mental slavery brothers!
by Seen on 11/15/2009 9:48am
Comment #7 states
love this song ... pretty nice message in it , you can't just read the lyrics and think yeah it's about weed , there is a deeper sense of it "if you don't like my fire , then don't come around `think about it
Ok, I thought about it, you are retarded.

Obviously it is about weed, I dont think he left it open to interpretation this time.

Get a clue.
by razz on 1/18/2010 2:44pm
@ Watkins: it seems to have ruined "you are" ability to learn grammar and spelling.

P.S. you're = you are
your = belonging to you
by E on 1/27/2010 3:23pm
very nice song, but i think there are as many said some mistakes in the words..i think it says also "pass it over" not "pass is over"..
by ms cat. on 2/8/2010 9:11pm
kudos ben harper.
burn one down.
excuse me mr.
she's only happy in the sun
simply beautiful.
live strong
rock on..
smoke on.
pass the peace&share the love.
by roots rock raggae on 2/8/2010 10:21pm
Y do those of u who so vehemently bash weed come on this page simply to continue ur thotless tirade against a plant illegal because man decided so many years ago it was bad.. doesn't make sense to me. It seems lik u being such a diligent hardworking antistoner could find a better way to use your time id love to smoke you out one day and help you find some perspective my man
by jenna on 3/2/2010 9:02pm
fucking great song, love smokin a blunt when im listening to this song
by Pat on 6/29/2010 8:05am
we sang this all summer buddy.
i still cant stop tearing up about
what happen to you.
Much love. One love.
Thank you bro.
by Pelfers on 10/16/2010 10:02am
This is for the haters of weed.. I hope they just shut the fuck up..
by nishant_aka_aj on 11/11/2010 5:36pm
this the dopiest song i ever heard ....kudos to mr harper ...simple lyrics and even simpler music ..and even then the song hits a note in u ....neother sng tht comes near to this is " because i got high" by afroman ...
by Jackson_D on 12/20/2010 6:46am
WOW love the drums at the start ay
by Dicko on 2/20/2011 7:06am
The words are all riht except it is 'no harm' not 'to harm' as mentioned above
by madcunt on 2/20/2011 6:12pm
yous are all drug fucked
by fabiana germano de aarauyo on 4/27/2011 8:24am
eu te amo amor beijo
by HellYes on 11/16/2011 8:02am
lol dont knock it if u aint tried it. i learned a lesson on that one :)
by Gijs on 6/15/2012 8:57am
Beautiful song! Btw it's 'Herb is a gift, from the earth'
by jazz on 10/10/2013 12:09am
its clearly i typo dillon no need for a comment you stiff!

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