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The Devil Went Down to Jordan Lyrics

Artist: ApologetiX
Album: Grace Period

The devil went down to the Jordan
He was lookin' for a show to steal
He was in a bind 'cause Jesus came to find
The people willing to make it real

And he came across the Son of Man
Saw Him in the desert and prayin' to God
Then the devil jumped upon the chance to tempt Him
Said, "Boy, let me tell ya, it's hot!"

"I guess you wouldn't show it, but I can tell you're cravin' food
"And kid I'm scared this desert air might get the best of you
"Now you ain't been eatin' your vittles boy
"But now, your dinner is due
"So if you're really God's son, then turn these stones
To bread and I'll butter it for you."

The Lord said, "I am hungry, but that would be a sin
"Cause it ain't by bread man's gonna be fed
"But by the Word God's given him."

John the Baptist washed the Lord and there's where it all starts
Cause Jesus left the Jordan and the devil hit Him hard
And if He wins we get to walk on Heaven's streets of gold
But if He sins the devil gets your soul

The devil took Him up in space and said, "Why don't You throw
"Yourself off of this temple top as I watch You from below
"Cause I'm sure You know that God will send
"All His angels to assist
"And man would believe that You are Him
"If the saw you did somethin' like this"

When the devil finished, Jesus said
"Well, you're temptin' God, old son
"And it's written down in that book right there
"That thing should never be done"

Shout from the mountain what God's done
The devil ain't a match for the rising Son
You can never tempt God, did you not know
Man, he doesn't live by bread alone

The devil finallly said, "Jesus, if You'll just worship me
"Then I'll give you gold that glitters
"Every crown, and all You see"

Jesus said, "Devil, just turn on back
"Cause I'm never gonna buy your scam
"I love God too much, I'm gonna resist
"I suggest you'd better scram!"
And we say

Shout from the mountain what God's done
The devil ain't a match for the rising Son
You can never tempt God, did you not know
Man, he doesn't live by bread alone


by Devin A. N. Reineck on 1/21/2009 8:00am
this is the funniest song i have ever heard yet
by Farmer Jacob on 4/2/2009 8:35am
like lmao
by Sasha on 7/20/2010 12:58pm
do you guy's even think about the lyrics? it telling us the the Devil tried to tempt the Son of God! but because Jesus didn't give in to the devil then if we receive him as our Lord and Savior we can walk on the streets of gold in heaven! and if you don't receive him you'll burn in the lake of fire for eternity.
by Devin A. N. Reineck on 10/20/2010 6:48am
I know exactly what the lyrics are saying, I'm not stupid before I heard this song i have been a Lutheran for 2 years. I have received him. So don't go saying stuff you don't know Sasha. I am a Lutheran and I do believe in the Lord our God. He is my savior and I worship him and only him.
by unknown on 3/20/2011 4:29pm
by Monica on 9/19/2012 6:31pm
Duelling banjo's between Christians...God! Now I've heard everything! :)
by BLANK NAME on 2/27/2013 11:07pm
I love how this is another song but put in christians' words.

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