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Upgrade Call Lyrics

Artist: Andre Nickatina
Album: Horns & Halos

(woman singing)
I'll be done here comes your ghost again
but thats not unussual its just that the moon is full
and you happen to call..

im tired of beezees sayin the same stuff
fumble over words and wonderin why I hang up
I had to upgrade and do things different
ya you spoil me with loyalty and true commitment
but in this world of pimpin i could smell the hunger
dont be naive to this game take my name and number
If you call you call well then youve made a decision
("Hello?" "Hello?")
after all i see youve came to your senses
common lets get together like shoes to feet
first things first fill your purse with a chosen fee
queasey i gotta regulate peace set the record straight
estimate if the money you make is worth the headache
cross the golden gate i could send you back
hit the night track on your break call me right back
yeah gimmie the news dont let me catch you in another lie
and start trippin off when you caught him on the other line, bitch.

(woman singing)
I'll be done here comes your ghost again
but thats not unussual its just that the moon is full
and you happen to call..

seven seven seven dash nine three eleven
you packed up, left and got to steppin
and here go the weather a change you will out weather the game
and keep a cane but i had him in my aim
im gettin paid
i french talk in my french braids
i got the homies with the ladies in the heels on the sharp blade
you better buckle up or settle up or settle down
your (??????) is on the frisk can you hear me now?
man im a wide reciever actin like a runninback
sometimes my concience whispers is the money comin back
sometimes I answer back man im a quarterback
and when i throw aint nobody interceptin that
so i dont think so man let the freak go
man get the game in your brain and get the real doe
its like im paintin a piccaso when the phone rings
especially when your baby girl says shes doin things

(woman singing)
Here I sit hand on the telephone
hearing the voice i know
a couple of light years ago
Heading straight for it all..

She was exotic with a body to get with
calling from blocked numbers with the label restrited
talkin all kinda shit tryin data a rapper
said she escorts comin on the blade imma catch her
on the hunt with a blunt in the home of the mad
raisers stalkin pacin with a phone in my hand
ill be waitin still patient as shes making the call
now i swear that till i get her till shes breakin me off
im a boss with accepting nothin less then perfect
no i will not answer the phone 'less its worth it
tricks is the witness the game is the buisness
you learn i dont play you gon pay for my minutes
roll the split swishers slowly get the picture
cuttin off the calls im gonna switch the digits
bitches, you know youre bound to get it right one day
throw it against the wall and upgrade

(woman singing)
I'll be done here comes your ghost again
but thats not unussual its just that the moon is full
and you happen to call..
by gdogg on 5/30/2010 11:47pm

"your (??????) is on the frisk can you hear me now?"

I hear..

yo my Verizon's on the fritz can ya hear me now?


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