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He Said, She Said Lyrics

Artist: Andre Nickatina
Album: Hell's Kitchen

Don'tcha let em jerk you around
and that's how lies get started
that's how lies get started sho'

**how do lies get started
Well, he said she said
and lies can send you spinnin sometimes
around and around and around and around

Now how do lies get started yeah
He said she said
Don't let em jerk you around**

Now how do rumors get started
Started by the jealous people
lookin for a ? when a man and a women have a good relationship
and they trip then they flip tryin' to cook a situation in the mix

now that's a hater for ya
ooh and I know it's hard to resist
But these foxy ladies ooh they sure persist

they bring drama and they momma with a boyfriend and a girlfriend
and they turn a nice day into a rainy day whirlwind
I'll Tell you one time only with my bezzy donizzy

I'm with my babygirl so I'm tryin' to kick it live
drink in my right hand, left on her thigh
so do yourself a favor with the ? away from me


Now did you hear that one about Bruce
Bruce said he talked the root and always squeezed tha juice
that came straight from a guy who probably never knocked it loose
another hater

man I'm in kick it mode
I strike a wicked pose
cause I'm out on the town tryin' to get choked
in Teflon clothes with the scent of a rose
And my ladies with me that's how it goes

Now I can't go no place without somebody pointin' a finger
ah, but I can't blame em
my rides got sweet interior
i think I'll call my broker and I'll tell him to watch the figures
so the next time the rumors get started he'll chill and remember


so stop spreadin those rumors around
stop spreadin the lies

what's mine is mine
i ain't got time for rumors in life
i keep to myself
bother nobody else
so please let me live my life
I think I'll write my congress man and tell him to pass a bill
so the next time I get somebody startin' rumors shoot to kill


You don't wanna see me
You don't wanna see me no


by pinups on 9/22/2009 12:09pm
some fucked up lyrics yu got there bud. . . lol
by Brady on 1/12/2010 11:54pm
the 2nd ? is "bs stay"
by Krystin on 11/25/2010 4:29pm
the first ? is suppose to be "sequel"

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