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Falcon And The Snowman (featuring Equipto) Lyrics

Artist: Andre Nickatina
Album: Conversation With A Devil


(Yes yes yes)
I infect the whole set and collect the cash
and i'm gonn' run game but respect the past
got long range, aint trippin
lets flip at the small change
then kick it parlay
Exchangin back to back rhymin
wordplay but late for the studio tymin
It cant wait for the hate n' feedback
I stat when I break down the weed on my rap

[Andre Nickatina]

I was born about eight miles from the City of Dope
Meanin my city is the City of Dope
weigh the coke, caddy spokes
it couldnt be saveed by John the Pope
Money is the bible couldnt care bout a idol
If youre goin for the title
then its kinda suicidle
cuz youre gonna have a rival thats bustin at ya do'
Tryin ta put bullet holes up in yo clothes


oh, oh fo sho we can blow some mo'
while labels fall short ta tha ocean flo'
I get pesky boss like Joe Pesci
I drop hefty rhymes on all MC's
suckas that wanna play two cue execute
the play off loose I execute
on sight ya too height ya might get snatched
just like ya gold chain and no-name raps

[Andre Nickatina]

Homie dont ask me about that chick
because about any chick I'll plead the fifth
call me St. Nick when I spit the Gift
real rap cat on a pirate ship
lock n' chain like Sid Vicious
I done used my three wishes
When it comes ta swishers, cut the heart
Listinin' ta Al Green in the dark
Jumed in the ride with a letha' coat
looked in the rear view who popped the most
just when i thought that i saw a ghost
I realized it was the endo smoke

ma gold rope i go fo' broke off green dope
ya last hope they shottin at me like the pope
i campaign the bang the vote is unanimous
smokin cannibis puttem in a camel clutch
like this cant trip when i get accross
set it off lay em down with no second thoughts
imposin' endo endulgin' keep blowin
Falcon and the snowman

tiger my raps adjust like a diamond heist
cuz the way I shine you might lose ya sight
in my brand new phat farm vest
new kangol pull low no less
grab ya cream get ya team who raise supreme
in yo face cock sucka its a new rigeme
yo out again but it really dont matta'
had it with the new-improved police scanna'
hang the bannas' yo cock tha hammas'
or forever in life you'll wear a pampa'


It was pivotal when you came with pitiful answers
rhymes an avelanche in the average rapper
ya sweatin they goin all out representin'
ya in n out steppin like three five seven
i kept it honest promised no threatin'
ya probably flipped fo' if not fo-get it
I stepped in the house throw back with the peyton
excuse the food but ho back with the hey now

Check it, crack the bottle then crack the whip
yo hear i go a son down ill crack ya hip
i'm like an angel but at an angle
and then i start to talk like Marlin Brando
like that blow back in my croaka' sack
tell the (???) that the cadillac is back
outta turn from moonshine inta yak
and then the ATF wanna come raid the track

I connive with mo drive ta multiply chedda'
I can see the fortune without the tella'
cock back the raw rap or release the classic
suckas a jaw-jap but i looked past it
I get detailed describe it graphic
practice the graph till im knowin it backwards
spit it with a passion one in the same
then i realease the masta and study the game

Ok, i hit the night sky with the ruby red eyes
the streets are hurtin i can hear her cry
freaks wear shoes thats not their size
and here come Nicky with the felony rhymes
and the melody crimes can ya crack the case
like a bat outta hell i start the race
scars on my face detect the hate
get a scale fo the rhyme when i push the weight.


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