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Caged Bird Lyrics

Artist: Aceyalone
Album: Magnificent City (with RJD2)

[Chorus: Aceyalone]
Some birds don't deserve to be caged
They gotta fly away and search for the waves
Bein locked up is worse than the grave
I live by the words on the page - I know!
Some birds don't deserve to be caged
They gotta fly away and search for the waves
Bein held down is worse than the grave
I live by the words on the page - I say!

I jumped on the planet and I landed on both feet
Tippy-toed across the continent, on the dope beat
Settled in the mainland ghetto by the sand trap
Rocked to a handclap until I got my band back
Thoughts came thick in a ball of confusion
A wall of belusion it's all so amusin
I laughed at the pain sometimes with a straight face
Just another hate case, you control your fate Ace!
Long walks down the lonely road turned path paved
Bask in the cascade, grey clouds circle me
Tuned to the channel so their energy will work on me
All in the cut like surgery and burnt to the third degree
internally, avoid an away story
40 and slip of tongue, tryin to bring the poison noise
Step in the spot like I'm not that popular
Eyes like binoculars, I'm so Hip-Hopular
Been on the air since Greg had a Mac attack
Now they all CrackerJack, that's a fact, smell me
How can you tell me what I haven't already heard
Forty-three, 43rd, listen and observe
First flew the coop when they tried to cage a rocking bird
Lookin for the truth in the booth when I serve
Never clip the wings if they seem a little out of touch
Let 'em fly free please, don't try to box 'em up


I open a lot cause I smash it with brute force
Flew over the roof, headed North on a crash course
Eagle eyes spot 'em all, groundhog peekin out
Stickin out against the whack world while they freakin out
Wasn't 'sposed to go but I just didn't wanna wait
Been had a ticket but the Chattanooga's runnin late
Hate never had a lover good as I been to her
Couldn't put an end to her, cause she got followers
Whole flock of spitters and swallowers, wow
Intregrity didn't have a home 'til I gave him one
{?} and diamonds, God said say no more
Find a piece of mind like a needle in the haystack
Grind on the real on the playback, ready for the at-tack
Seatack, cry me a riverboat
If I don't fly back, still gotta give 'em hope
Stand and delivery, first class rain or shine
Pain of mine in a pantomime glass chilled
Where was your genie when you needed her for real
Buildin my art from the parts that they overlooked
Fuse lit from the last match in the book
Stand in adrenaline, pumped through the resevoir
Plucked out the air cause he didn't sit duck
Pretty as the peacock who can't even leave the ground
Let the heart glide on, don't buy the muck



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Aceyalone Lyrics
Aceyalone Magnificent City (with RJD2) Lyrics

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