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HLP Lyrics

Artist: 8-Bit
Album: We Sold Our Souls For Nothing

Highland Park's our home and fifty-four's our street
Scenesters come to visit and they groove our beat
But don't move in, bitch
Or you'll catch my glock
'Cause fuck Silver Lake, fuck Eagle Rock
When whitey moves in
They raise our rent
Get out of HLP
Before there's an accident
Finish your smoke
And slam your booze
And don't forget the fuckin' cops
From the avenues

Let us bust our rhymes
And let us smoke our crack
Go the fuck home
And give your little brother's shirt back
Don't make me beat your ass
Til you're curlin' up fetal
Just because you think
You're the fifth Beetle
You know you work at St. Vincent de Paul
Keep your stupid ass shopping at the mall
Kickin' out teensters
Like they was the clap
Get the fuck out before I gotta bust a cap

That's where LeFrost be
Puttin' our city
On the fuckin' map
Come through our hood
And your bound to get a bitchslap
Well, rent's goin' up
As the scenesters move in
We're gonna grab you
By your emo rock pin
Gonna through your ass back
To your little fuckin' cave
And blow that shit up
And put you in your place

Go to the bar
To get a fuckin' beer
The shit's four dollar
I think, "What's the fuckin' deal?"
Order orange juice
Say I'm the designated driver
Go to the can
And make a screwdriver
You want a cheap meal
It's at a taco truck
You want a beer at a bar
You're shit out of luck
Get your ass back to Pasadena
Or out to Dena
Or Rowena
Or wherever the fuck your ass from

The sun sets in L.A.
And out they crawl
Coming soon to your neighborhood
Hole in the wall
Either dressed to kill
Or trying to look dirt poor
Some wear between Beck
And Thirst No More
Sippin' on a gin and tonic
Lookin' frail and weak
You want see them drinking beer
That's so last week
On the internet
Drinkin' your coffee
Pickin' your nose
While you're jerkin' off to me


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8-Bit Lyrics
8-Bit We Sold Our Souls For Nothing Lyrics

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