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Cumbersome Lyrics

Artist: 7 Mary 3
Album: American Standard

she calls me Goliath and I wear the David mask
I guess the stones are coming too fast for her now
you know I'd like to believe this nervousness will pass
all the stones that are thrown are building up a wall
I have become cumbersome to this world
I have become cumbersome to my girl
I'd like to believe we could reconcile the past
resurrect those bridges with an ancient glance
but my old stone face can't seem to break her down
she remembers bridges, burns them to the ground
I have become cumbersome to this world
I have become cumbersome to this girl
too heavy too light, too black or too white, too wrong or too right,
today or tonight
too rich too poor, she's wanting me less and I'm wanting her more
the bitter taste is cumbersome
there is a balance between two worlds
one with an arrow and a cross
regardless of the balance life has become


by Brittany McCorkle on 5/15/2008 9:53am
I love the song cumbersome. It is probably my favorite song of seven mary three. Well im out for now
by nick grosser on 7/23/2008 8:19am
the best band ever just cause thier influenced by pearl jam!!! and creed and nickelback all bands mentioned are AMAZING
by brian patrick on 9/12/2008 4:09pm
Nick you think 7 Mary 3 is the best band ever and your reasoning is because of who they're influenced by (Pearl Jam, Creed, Nickelback). Have these influential bands stood the test of time. What are you like 11 years old? A little lesson for you here. Some examples of BEST BANDS EVER WOULD BE: THE ROLLING STONES, U2, THE BEATLES, THE WHO, CREAM, THE YARDBIRDS. NOT, NOT, NOT SEVEN MARY THREE. THEY SHOULDN'T EVEN BE IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH WITH THE BANDS I LISTED.
by Johann Gomez on 2/4/2009 1:51pm
7m3 Came Before creed and nickelback. some influence by Pearl jam maybe....but i'd say no, since they have a more straight forward rock sound.They were the one of the first mainstream band in the 90's to depart the grunge scene. Definitly NOT creed or Nickelback. Get your history straight.
by jen on 1/4/2010 7:34am
Awesome tune, great lyrics. A friend of mine said this was 'our song'. Very cool.
by nick on 12/22/2010 1:49pm
you all dont know shit about music
by Bob on 1/6/2011 10:00am
Fuck who influenced them, there there own band, which makes them unique. GOOD SONG

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