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Fully Loaded Clip Lyrics

Artist: 50 Cent
Album: Curtis

High speed Ferarri movement,
Third lane switching lanes what up
Brooklyn what up,
Far Rock what up,
When Jay and Beyonce was mmm mmm kissin,
I was cookin one thousand grams in my kitchen,
When Nas was tellin Kelis, I love you boo,
I was shinin my nine, you know how I do,

I got a fully loaded clip, I be on that shit, I got
I got a fully loaded clip
chorus x2
You want a problem with me, no problem, it's all good
I ain't fresh out the hood, I'm still in da hood,
black rims, black hemi, nigga see me when you see me
I appear and disappear with the heata like a genie
That party and bullshit'll get ya ass popped
Don't believe me, ask Fab, it got his ass shot,
I'm in the cut like germs, I do dirt like worms
smuggle in dat ?, nigga it's my turn
I fire on you ass, them hollowtips burn baby burn
I'm screamin Fuck the cops, ride round wit my glock
there's my pistol on my bitch, nigga fuck that box
that's how P got knocked, that's a jewel I drop,
but you ain't peep that nigga, go head repeat that nigga
you might learn a lil sumtin if you learn to stop frontin
I make it look easy on three piece bb's,
rollin, lokin, up early wit da dopeman

When Janet and Jermaine were mm mm kissin,
I was baggin one thousand grams in my kitchen
When Puff was tellin Kim I love you boo
I was shinin my nine, you know how I do

I got a fully loaded clip, I be on that shit, I got
I got a fully loaded clip x2
At the dice game I bet it all you hear what I'm sayin
take grand, I form better nigga I ain't playin
I try to get it, holla at me if you wit it
and lace up da chucks, we can rob these muthafuckas
My stomach is growling, they say that I'm wiling
I'm doin my numbers, an I'm getting violent
they hearing me rapping, thinking I'm playin
they see the barrel an they see the flame
I need full cooperation, man give us the chain
the watch, the ring, an the grill we aint playin
I found out they just sound the same
holla I got that nose candy man
When Jeezy and Keisha were mm mm kissin
I was baggin one thousand grams in my kitchen
When Trina was tellin Wayne I love you boo
she was just runnin games she toldBUCK that too
chorus x2
I mean, let me show you how I do this right here
Now the ruger holds sixteen, I put sixteen in da clip
I put it in, I cock that, one in da head
I put another one in da clip, I put it back
I got a fully loaded clip
That was big with all that, let the bullets breathe
I need a fully loaded clip


by obama on 11/6/2008 12:31pm
this thing is bad for sho

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